Consumer confidence, GDP, and the cause of Christ!

Posted by Ron on August 18, 2011 in

Economists tell us that the lion’s share of the fuel that drives our GDP is consumer spending, but the thing that moves consumers to spend is consumer confidence.  When the economic or political climate seems uncertain, consumers become fearful and hold onto their money.

Just as consumer confidence affects consumer spending, it is consumer confidence that influences giving in the local church! It might be better to say that the engine that enables the church to advance, is very much driven by the believer’s confidence and its affect on giving!

When Christians allow the economic or political uncertainty around them to create fear, then the believer will feel pressure to sit on their money and limit their giving.  In an environment of fear, we tend to hold on tightly to our resources.  But the real question we face is, “Where is our consumer confidence located?”  If we allow our consumer/believer confidence to get infected with fear because of the shifting economic and political climate, then we will tend to withhold or limit our giving to the Lord’s work.  If, however, our believer confidence is in God as our real source and provider, then our believer confidence will result in generous, obedient giving, regardless of the climate.

Remember, if you allow your believer/consumer confidence to get eroded by fear, you will hold back on your giving. The result is a dangerous economic ‘slow down’ of the advance of God’s Kingdom  through the work of His Church!  Your consumer (believer) confidence is a major key to the church’s ability to fulfill the Great Commission.  Keep your eyes on the King and His Kingdom and your believer confidence will remain high as well!

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