Supporting your church, even when you are gone

Posted by Ron on January 11, 2016 in Christianity , churches , financial


Do you financially support your church, even when you are not there to attend a service?  Surprisingly, many people don’t, nor do they make up for it after the fact! So why is this such a big deal?

Well, on a practical-financial level, whether you are there or not on any given weekend, your church counts on your financial support to stay in business.  Whether you are faithful to give or not, every utility, insurance, facility and personnel-related bill faithfully shows up and demands payment to keep your church doors open.

Especially painful is the fact that when churches can’t meet because of a weather-related event, the financial obligations of that church continue on without regard to weather.  When you don’t give because weather made it impossible to gather, the church is simply starved for the money it needs to stay in business.

The honest truth is that most churches live from week to week financially, and they suffer real financial hardship when a service is canceled due to weather, or, even when bad weather results in low attendance.

Sadly, even the best of churches can literally go out of business because of the unreliable and sporadic financial support of a congregation. And while the saying is true: “Where God guides, God provides” the way He provides is through the faithful generosity of His people.

Unfortunately God doesn’t miraculously drop money on His church. He moves on the hearts of those who have His ear to give money to support the ministry. It is your faithfulness in giving (whether you are there or not) that empowers a church to fulfill a vision. The truth is, “No money, no ministry” or at best, a very “limited” ministry.  Paul rejoiced when the Philippian Christians faithfully partnered with him financially in the advancement of the Gospel.  Practically speaking, this meant that Paul didn’t have to spend valuable ministry time making tents so that he could provide for his basic needs. The generosity of God’s people released him to focus on advancing Jesus’ influence in the world. Yes, your money makes ministry advancement possible.

In our own church we have a number of givers who give online through our website giving link.  We have others who give through ACH giving through their bank account.  Their giving is just an automatic thing, like so many other responsibilities in their lives.  But others only give when they are physically present at our worship gatherings, if they give at all!  Unfortunately, for most of them, out of sight is out of mind, and they simply don’t give when absent.

If your church is honest with you, they will tell you that the ‘out of sight, I don’t give’ giver hasn’t understood being in true partnership in the local church.  Whether or not you are physically present, your faithful financial support should be there.  This goes for whether or not the weather prohibits you from coming.