New Covenant Ministries International

New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) is an international team of trans-local (Ephesians 4:11) leaders/gifts, who share an apostolic/prophetic heart to strengthen local churches, and equip believers to advance the work of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. The team is led by Tyrone Daniel, and Ron & Kathy Larson serve as members of the NCMI team.

NCMI is currently working in over 90 countries. In addition, there are churches in many of these nations that are voluntarily relationally-linked with the NCMI team.

The vision of NCMI is focused on, “The King and His Kingdom” and is committed to disciple the nations by planting and strengthening New Testament churches throughout the world! For more information, please check us out at:

2011 North America Equip in Denver, Colorado. Session 6

2011 South Africa Equip in Johannesburg, South Africa.   Session 2