Pastor looking for a church

Posted by Ron on May 23, 2015 in Christianity , Church Leadership

Hire mePastor looking for a church.   I wonder how this would sell in today’s church climate?

As your potential new pastor…

I am committed to pray and prepare solid Biblical messages to feed and equip the flock, but that means I will not be available to attend everything else in the church.
I am committed to build a Biblical church culture that reflects Jesus Christ, but that means that I will not be obligated to fulfill your personal plans or agendas for the church.
I am committed to build Christ’s church, Christ’s way, in Christ’s timing, but that means that I will not let church fads, popular church culture or public opinion shape what I do in the church.

I am committed to being a servant of Christ first, and of people second–never the other way around.  That means that I am not interested in pleasing or appeasing people on any level in the church.
I am committed to raise up a pastoral culture that involves everyone in ministry.  That means that your legitimate pastoral needs will addressed, but most likely, not by me personally in the church.
I am committed to servant-leadership that doesn’t control or manipulate anyone.  That means that I will not bow to controlling and manipulative power-people in the church either.
I am committed to work as unto the Lord and for the express pleasure of Christ.  That means that I am not a hireling for hire and will not be controlled by your intimidation or threats to stop giving if I do not do what you want.
I am committed to being relational and building meaningful, covenantal friendships, but that doesn’t mean that I will be or must be your best buddy.
I am committed to make devoted disciples who only reflect Jesus in the world. That means that I’m not interested in  building church buildings or just filling buildings with more butts and bucks.
I am committed to build a Body of inter-dependent relationships.  That means I will give no place to unhealthy independent, co-dependent, or dependent relationships in the church.
I am committed to building Christ’s agenda for the church no matter what it costs me personally. If you threaten to withdraw your favor and support for not doing what you want, count on me helping you and your money out of the church.
I am committed to build a Jesus-Church that is only about Christ, His Community, and His Cause on the earth. That means the church is not about you, your preferences, or your self-actualization.  It is only about Jesus, period.
P.S.  If you are looking for the perfect pastor, you are destined to be disappointed with me or any other flesh and blood person.  The only perfect pastor to ever walk the earth was Jesus, and the religious crowd crucified him!  May God guide and bless your search for a real pastor!